A downloadable game for Windows

- HAPPY 17th -

For Laura

This fun game challenges you to build the best defence around your birthday cake. Protect your cake from the monsters while collecting 17 Birthday Candles!

Killing monsters, gives you coin. With these coins you can build your defence. The blocks you can place are:


Brick - Fence - Bomb - Cannon

Monsters will try to eat your cake. But you won't let them, right? These are the monsters you will witness:

- Name them whatever you want -

How to play?

If you have a mouse and a keyboard, you are set to do. 

The game has tutorial (Which you should check out before playing) but here is a summary of the keys:

  • Movement:
    • WSAD
    • Arrow keys
  • Shooting:
    • Hold Left button of your mouse
  • Building:
    • Hold Left button of your mouse to build
    • Press Right button of your mouse to delete
    • Select Building blocks by scrolling the mouse wheel
  • Settings:
    • Press 'L' for full-screen switching

If there's any bug, do not hesitate to leave it in the comment.


Happy 17th.zip 4 MB


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the monsters nearly got away with my cake  x_x

It was really fun to play and i like that you cant build on every block

the game got stuck at the beginning of the second wave though...

Thanks again! I hope to play it more often in the future ;)

Thank you for the post. I'm super glad that you enjoyed it.